Thursday, 19 April 2012

Soooo many apologies for not having a post up in soooooooo long! Its been the holidays and I could pretend I've been oh so busy catching up on all my college work but lets be honest I've just been getting drunk. I got my loan a few days ago and I have already spent a ridiculous amount on clothes and shoes so I'll probably be doing a post of all my purchases soon!
 This is just a casual outfit I wore to work today. New jumper from one of those cheap chavvy shops where 90% of the stuff is vile but you occasionally find something nice haha! I'm loving bright colours at the moment, and they make me happy in this horrible horrible weather :)

 Paired it with my trusty disco pants and new creepers. I'm actually in love with these trousers but I wear them SO much. I'm trying to get some second hand pairs off ebay in different colours because otherwise I'll just never take these ones off! Also my little collar I made. Might make some more and do a giveaway if anyone would be interested?
 New creepers from ebay. They are fake ones but I really love them and for £25 you cant really go wrong! The delivery was so quick as well, only a few days so i may just have to buy them in every colour!

Hope everyone had a nice easter and a chillaxing break! I'd love to see some new blogs so please comment if you would like me to have a look at yours!


  1. Love love love my little geddlesloth... SO SKINNNNYYYYY :):) xoxox

  2. oh my god <3 this outfit is amazing! i am in love <3<3<3

  3. saw the first picture & followed ha seriously love your style! fab blog. x

  4. love this outfit!

  5. Eeek, I love this outfit!!... Totally get what you mean with the chavvy shops thing, made me laugh.
    You look fabulous xx

  6. So cool this neon green sweater

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  7. that green jumper is amazing