Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Day 2 of posting all week is going well. Even though my outfit wasn't anything special I forced my long suffering boyfriend to be photographer for the day. It was absolutely roasting yesterday and I think that the leather shorts were a bit of a mistake as I was sweating my arse off. Literally.

I bought these flatforms from office on sunday, reduced in the sale for £20. They are super comfy but still give me a few extra inches hight. My leather shorts are also new from H&M and I love them :) I seem to be buying a lot of new things lately which is strange for me as a serial charity shopper!

 It was making me laugh all day how much my boyfriend detested this jacket. I love it cos it reminds me of those parachute games from primary school, but then maybe I should stop wearing things purely because they amuse me? I don't know...

Oh and if any of you noticed i've dyed my hair red again. Already bored of it though!

And heres the lovely photographer for the day. whatadick :)

Jacket - Charity shop
Top - Charity shop
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - Office

Monday, 21 May 2012

hi bitches i'm back

So I haven't posted in so long it's actually ridiculous. But as of this week ALL my uni deadlines are done did and I am free as a bird! I am going to try and set myself a challenge to post every day this week. I can already feel a drastic fail coming on but i'm gonna give it a go! 

So these photos were taken last weekend when I went out drinking with a few friends. I must apologise for the state of these pictures, I had already consumed a fair few glasses of wine before these were taken! 

I'm wearing my new fake nightwalks which I got off ebay for around £30. They are surprisingly good quality for fakes and actually quite easy to walk in. Right up until the 10th jaegerbomb and then it gets a little challenging!

Jacket - New look
Crop top - Charity shop
Skirt - River Island
Shoes - Ebay