Wednesday, 28 March 2012

summertime's coming :)

This is what I wore today for some shopping and a pub lunch with my cutie Lucy. It was absolutely roastinggg today so I had to get the legs out! Hopefully I got a bit of a tan! Bought this shirt a few weeks ago from a charity shop for super cheap :) Love the fact that its all top button twat and pastels! Paired it with my pasty legs and my platform brogues.

This little belt I'm wearing is so cute! It has little gold elephants all over it, so adorable! 

I bought these shoes a few weeks ago from ebay. I saw them on asos for a hefty £85, but managed to get them on ebay for £14! How good?! They are super comfy but quite hard to wear with stuff as they are bright AND shiny.

I'm thinking of dip dying my hair tonight if I can bribe my sister to do it for me!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sorry I haven't posted in over a week I'm a terrible blogger :( Already lol! Anyway this is what i wore the other day just to jam around the town. The weathers getting warmer so this is an excuse for me to get my pasty ankles out and scare the general public. I have so many midi skirts in my wardrobe at the moment but I never wear them enough. I think its because I find them quite hard to style so I don't look like a bag lady!

I wore this aztec print skirt with a black cropped bustier and my trusty leather jacket which I seem to live in at the moment! When i get my student loan i will hopefully be buying lots of studs and fabric dye so I can do a bit of a revamp with my wardrobe, its looking a little plain at the moment!

These are one of my favourite pairs of heels I've ever bought. They are cheap imitation versions of the Balenciaga booties i could never ever afford :( but they are soo comfy and easy to walk in I just adore them!

Hope you all had a lovely week :) 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Stripes and Neon

So I bought this gorgeous pencil skirt today from New Look for just £6 in the sale. I haven't really shopped in there since about 2008 lol because I never really found the stuff to be that good, but I went in today and mannn there was some actual banging stuff! They had loads of patterned leggings and pencil skirts and some amazing high waisted jeans in neon colours that I will DEFINITELY be purchasing with my next paycheque! And theres a sale on at the moment so go check it out guys.

I know black and white stripes have been around for a while now but I still love them! This skirt is sooo comfy to just mooch around the shops all day in while still looking good ;) Even though the horizontal stripes make my arse look the size of a small country but oh well! 
I went for a monochrome look and paired the skirt with a sheer black button down I got from a charity shop yonks ago and my favourite leather jacket. Because I wasn't doing anything special today I just wore my white Docs but if I was going to dress this up I'd lose the jacket and stick on a pair of massive platforms :) 

Jacket-Charity Shop -- Shirt-Charity Shop -- Skirt-New Look -- Boots-Dr Martens -- Necklace-Topman -- Belt-Primark

 And this is me pulling a dumb face byebye cuties xx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New Shirt

I bought this gorgeous shirt yesterday, its actually all one top, the white bit is attached into the long patterned outer shirt. I love it because it looks like a separate jacket on top :) I got it from a charity shop for just £3, how cheap?! I paired it with my black disco pants, which are pretty much my favourite trousers right now. Sooo flattering! I dressed this up with heels for these photos, but I think it could also work with white doc martens or black flats.

I really want to dye my hair again. I love having interesting, colourful hair, and being this dark red just doesn't feel right. I would really like to go a bright orange coppery colour but I'm not sure if it would suit my skintone? 

Shirt-£3-Charity Shop -- Disco Pants-£80-American Apparel -- Shoes-£30-Ebay

My First Post!

Sooo, this is my first ever blogspot post! How exciting. I have a tumblr which I post on quite regularly here but I wanted to do something a bit more personal and detailed so hopefully this will be it!

I guess I should tell you guys something about myself, my name is Mya and i'm 20 years old. i go to Uni to study fashion, and I also work in a cute little cafe :) I love clothes and shoes and wine :) I shop mostly in charity shops or on ebay(I love a good bargain!) so most of the things you see on here will be second hand. I love doing little DIY projects and making things my own but I'm so lazy I almost never get round to it!

This blog will consist of outfit posts, my days out, and anything I'm inspired by really! So if you like it feel free to follow me or post a comment I'd love to get some feedback :)

Oh yeah, and this is what I look like

Love Mya x